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Friday Favorites 9/1

Happy Friday! Another week, another list of my favorite things that are affordable and useful, and can be found on amazon. Enjoy. :)

These smiley socks are my favorite foot staple for fall/winter. But I'd be lying if I said I don't often wear them with my birkenstocks too. ;) My daughter and I love these socks, and we always keep some extras on hand to throw into birthday gift bags because who doesn't love cute socks!?

This makeup cube makes my life so much easier when I'm taveling for cheer and dance. It folds up nice and compact while fitting allllll the crap we have to bring for stage makeup. I'm able to pack all of our makeup, hair accessories, brushes, as well as a travel sewing kit. This thing has been a lifesaver! I added gold vinyl to the front with my daughters' names to match the gold zipper.

I have tried many different face sunscreens, and I wear spf on my face religiously everyday, but I always find myself gravitating to this Supergoop Glowscreen over any others that I've tried. I love the dewy glow it gives me because it makes my skin look more hydrated, aka more youthful...and who doesn't want that!? This goes on so smooth, and looks fabulous without any makeup but also acts as a smoothing primer if you do wear foundation. This one is a MUST!

This shower drain hair catcher is one of those things you never knew you needed until you get it. I lose a ridiculous amount of hair every time I wash it and my shower drain is always getting clogged. These circular drain catchers are large and flexible, and they actually work! I have square drains in my showers, but these still fit over them well enough to do their job. No more clogged shower drains...just let this catch the hair, then you can throw it away easy peasy!

There's really nothing cuter than an old-fashioned embossed label. I love using this thing to label anything and everything under the sun from kitchen containers, to lunch boxes, water bottles, name it. I personally think everyone needs one in their junk drawer, but this would also be a super cute teacher gift.

That's all for this week. My list of Amazon favorites is endless, please let me know if there is anything specific you are looking for and I'd be happy to share my favorites with you. :)

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