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Friday Favorites

Every week it seems I spend a fortune on Amazon, and I often think that *maybe* I am single-handedly keeping them in business. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite things each week with you. This will mostly consist of regular mundane items that help me stay organized, help me keep my kids or plants alive, or just plain help me get through the day. Sharing is caring, right? Here is my first list of Friday Favorites, including the book I am currently reading and LOVING! Would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on anything below.

I have been using this storage cart to stash all of my TBR (to-be-read) books in my room. I love this sage green color, but there are other options available too. I will be ordering a white one for Sloane's room so she can store all of her bracelet making supplies. This brand is solid and sturdy, and easy to assemble. I prefer it to others I have tried.

I love having a smaller watering can for my houseplants. I do like to pile all of my plants into my bathtub for a good soaking once every few weeks, but I also use this smaller watering can when my plants just need a little drink in between their big waterings.

Portable chargers are a MUST for my Cheer Mom and Dance Mom life! Any time we go to a competition I SWEAR my phone battery gets sucked dry within minutes. I had been carrying around a bulky portable charger with a full cord and wall plug, and that just became way too cumbersome. Found this charger on Prime Day and I love it! And clearly I have a thing for green.

Credit for these goes to Blake. He finds all kinds of gadgets and orders them on a whim. I didn't think much of these until he charged them up and stuck them under our very outdated kitchen cabinets. I love that they are discreet and provide ambient light. By a simple hand-sweep or with the remote control, all of the lights can be turned on or dimmed in unison. These come in handy anywhere that you need under mount lighting and don't have it already built in.

I am currently reading a physical copy of this book, while also listening to another book. This one definitely has my attention! I thought it looked a little cheesy with a football on the cover, but my friend recommended it, so I dove in. Full review coming soon, but the romantic tension in this book is top notch! I can't wait to see how it plays out.

That's a wrap on my Friday Faves for this week! All images are linked if you're interested in checking them out for yourself. Let me know what you think! XO

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