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Friday Favorites 9/8

Glasses and pens and nippies, oh my! It's FRIDAY and these are a few of my favorite things...

These blue light blocking glasses are my favorite because they are lightweight, fit well, and are so affordable. 3 pack for around $14!

These gel pens are aesthetically pleasing AND functional. I love the neutral colors, and they actually write really well and feel very comfortable in my hand. These are the only pens I use now.

Buy these Nippies and thank me later! The BEST nipple covers I have ever found. These ones are larger, so they look completely smooth and flawless under fitted clothing. I can completely forego the bra and just wear these when the outfit or dress calls for it. They come in various sizes and colors depending on your bra size and skin tone.

Never fret about a wrinkle again. I can't even tell you the last time I've used an iron because I only use this handy little guy when a wrinkle needs unwrinkling. This is very compact but works really well. Perfect for travel or everyday use if you don't feel like busting out the 'ole ironing board.

I may never get over this book, and certainly will never forget the story and how much it gutted me. I felt so many emotions throughout this book, and my heart literally ACHED for the two main characters. This is a second-chance romance about fate, and trauma, and life circumstances, and so many other things that every human can relate to. It touched my soul, and I think it will do the same for you.

The Serum Stick is something I have already shared and will continue to share because I literally can't get enough! It disappeared from Amazon for a while, but it's finally available again. This thing is a lifesaver. I use it under my eyes every morning and night. Instant boost of hydration and moisture, plus makes me feel at least a little bit more awake in the mornings. You can also use it on any other patches of skin that need a little extra hydration, including your lips. Can't live without this thing!

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