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My 3 Daily Non-Negotiables

Today I’m sharing 3 of my Daily Non-Negotiables. I do these three things every single day, otherwise I feel like a grumpy troll. Would love to hear what tasks or things you hold yourself accountable to everyday!

1. Making my bed. 🛌

It instantly puts me in a state of action. Makes me feel productive and awake, and then I’m more likely to do other productive things throughout the day. Plus, nothing beats a tidy bedroom. 👌🏻

My bed is from Lulu and Georgia, and the moss green bedding is from Parachute Home.

2. Skincare. 🧖🏻‍♀️

Morning and night, always. This face ain’t gonna anti-age itself. I use R+F Reverse regimen with a few other products mixed in. Trust me, skincare & SPF are your friends.

3. Reading. 📚

No matter how much or how little time I have, I always find a pocket of time to read…even if I’m constantly interrupted by dogs or kids. It helps me escape the chaos for a little bit and makes me feel calm. Currently reading Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros.

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