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The Summer Girl // Elle Kennedy

The Summer Girl // Elle Kennedy

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (5/5 stars)

Spice Level: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

•Clearly I’m in my Elle Kennedy era and I’m not sorry about it. It’s not going to stop here, either. This 3rd book of the Avalon Bay series was my favorite one of all!

•I was hooked from the start! A very awkward yet very fateful meet-cute for Tate and Cassie sucked me right in. I’m a big believer in the universe and fate and soul mates, and this romcom was a delicious blend of all of that.

•The reason this one gets 5 stars from me is because A) it had a lot of spice and passion, B) I was obsessed with Tate, Cassie, and a few other characters, and C) there was also a lot of emotional turmoil mixed in, taking this story deeper than surface level. This was one that I didn’t want to put down, and definitely the one I felt the deepest connection with in the series.

•Also, I want to move to Avalon Bay. Is that a real place?? I don’t think it is, but I imagined it being a lot like Ana Maria Island, and I also imagined these characters being a lot like the cast of Outer Banks, lol. Overall, LOVED this three-part series and def recommend for your reading pleasure. 👌🏻 ALSO, these animated covers are my favorite.

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